Reason in Revolt: Marxist Philosophy and Modern Science

Reason in Revolt: Marxist Philosophy and Modern Science

By Alan Woods and Ted Grant

This book, by Ted Grant and Alan Woods published in 1995 coinciding with Engels’ centenary, defends the validity of the philosophical writings of Marx and Engels using the most important scientific discoveries of the twentieth century as a proof. With a foreword by Eric Lerner, author of The Big Bang Never Happened.The book has also been published in Spanish, Italian, Urdu, Greek, Turkish, German and Indonesian. Buy Online!
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Part One: Reason and Unreason

  1. Introduction

  2. Philosophy and Religion

  3. Dialectical Materialism

  4. Formal Logic and Dialectics

Part Two: Time, Space and Motion

  1. Revolution in Physics

  2. Uncertainty and Idealism

  3. Relativity Theory

  4. The Arrow of Time

  5. The Big Bang

Part Three: Life, Mind and Matter

  1. The Dialectics of Geology

  2. How Life Arose

  3. The Revolutionary Birth of Man

  4. The Genisis of Mind

  5. Marxism and Darwinism

  6. The Selfish Gene?

Part Four: Order Out of Chaos

  1. Does Mathematics Reflect Reality?

  2. Chaos Theory

  3. The Theory of Knowledge

  4. Alienation and the Future of Humanity



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